Coagmento beta released

The first public version of Coagmento is finally out! It’s a pretty exciting and scary moment for me. I have been waiting for this for a long time (more than a year since I started working on Coagmento). I have done several iterations of Coagmento, many studies with different versions, and tried and tested it myself. So it’s great to be able to offer it to the world. At the same time, I know there are many things need to be worked out. People tend to compare everything with Google these days and that’s not a fair comparison; certainly not for systems like Coagmento. So naturally, I am anxious about the adoption.

To encourage people to try Coagmento and provide us feedback, we are even giving out prizes that include iPod Nanos and iTunes Gift Cards. More details can be found from CSpace (the space that you get once you login). I will try to keep posting more updates about the feedback and developments of Coagmento as the beta testing goes along. I believe there is much to be learned by all of us here – researchers, software developers, and educators alike. Stay tuned!

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