Two ways of making a difference

There are essentially two schools of thoughts for changing this world. One believes that giving a lot of power to a few select individuals, who are smart and know what’s good for the world, is the way to go. The other school believes giving a little more power to a lot of people instead. I belong to the latter school of thought. I am convinced that the goodness of the world cannot be determined by a select handful individuals; instead, let the consensus of common good be emerged from the wish and willfulness of the whole world.

To make a difference in this world, I would rather focus on empowering the mass by a little than handing over all the authority to some select individuals.

One thought on “Two ways of making a difference

  1. Great post Chirag! And I agree. I believe the authority should be given to all who are willing to do the right thing and make a difference. I’m with you and am making a difference every chance I get. Keep spreading the word…we hear you :)