Coagmento Collaboratory

We are happy to announce the availability of Coagmento Collaboratory – an open-source toolkit for constructing user studies with individual or collaborative users.

Coagmento Collaboratory is a version of Coagmento designed to be:

  • Modularized: Coagmento Collaboratory splits up functionality into separate classes which are easier to understand and maintain
  • Extendable: We provide stateless web-services so you can develop your own tools on top of our framework.
  • Documented: Coagmento Collaboratory is well documented through GitHub.

The framework contains the following:

  • Core classes which provide the foundation for Coagmento Collaboratory giving APIs for accessing user data (Bookmarks, Snippets, etc.) and research studies (Projects, Stages)
  • Web-services for accessing the core classes through HTTP requests
  • The Firefox plugin which uses the web-services as an example of practical usage of Coagmento Collaboratory

Find more information and download links from Note that we are still continuing to do more development and welcome contributions from others interested in this project. Comments and feedback always welcome!

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