What is Coagmento?

Coagmento is not just about collaboration or search or collaborative search, not anymore. It’s a Latin word that means “connect”. Yes, in the beginning (circa 2007-2010) it did stand for people connecting/collaborating, specifically for searching.

But now, and lately, Coagmento, meaning connect, has been seen and used more generally. Connect, in this new context, means connecting people to information in more meaningful way than known before; connecting useful sources and suggestions to information seekers; and of course, connecting people through and around information.

How do we do this? Or what do we need to do this? Well, that’s what the Coagmento project is about. We have started the work and have some initial thoughts, systems, and results. For instance, Coagmento toolbar for Firefox and Chrome allow a web user to keep track of their browsing, searching, and collaborators. The CSpace available through the Coagmento website offers three innovative interfaces to the user for navigating through information: timeline, cover flow, and 3D.

So what next? We are working in new algorithms that could identify potential collaborators for an information seeking task. And another algorithm that can extract meaningful roles that people can play while working in collaboration. We are also working on a new framework that allows us to understand user strategy for their underlying information seeking process.

Watch out is space for these and more outcomes coming out soon. Stay connected!

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